Dear Sunset Family

iulie 20, 2021

We want to start by saying THANK YOU for your patience and for being with us during these unprecedented times. We have been a bit silent as we were trying to make the best decisions while constantly having to change plans.

Regretfully, we inform you that despite many months of preparations, due to the extremely short time for setting up the festival in the current pandemic regulations, we have to take again a painful decision. After a careful review of our options, some of which included moving the festival in autumn, we decided not to make anyone compromise on their expectations – the audience, the crew, and neither the artists. To make sure that your Sunset experience remains extraordinary, we unfortunately need to delay the next edition of our festival for a later date in 2022.

Trying to pass optimistically over our own bitterness, we know we can count on your love and patience again, as we have to wait another year to be able to celebrate together a new edition of our beloved Sunset Festival in Vama Veche.
All tickets are valid for next year and refund options will be available. More info coming soon.
We can’t wait to be reunited again!


Yours truly,
The Sunset Team

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